Wildlife Area

An area of former allotments. This area has been neglected for 20 years.
There is jungle like growth of brambles, bamboo and other vegetation as well as metal fencing, posts, bricks, glass, carpet, paving, plastic.

Hilary Ash & Mike Inger of Wirral Wildlife carried out a botanical survey of the area in June 2021 for us, to establish what was growing in the area. 
Trees and shrubs
Mostly trees from the former allotments or self-sown in recent decades, so no division into canopy and understory. Shade cover about 50%.
Field layer - bramble scrub and tall herb
A mix of survivors from allotment days e.g. mint, raspberry, gooseberry and colonists since. Mike Inger remembers the allotments being worked when he first started at Unilever in 1986. Vandalism, shade and lack of vehicular access led to their abandonment in the 1990s/early 2000s.

Abandoned Allotments


Google Earth


Google Earth

Survey of Abandoned Allotments June 2021

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