Reporting problems or antisocial behaviour

Depending on what the problem is use the appropriate links below
Damaged or missing playground equipment
Problems relating to park grass, shrubs or Trees
Litter problems

To report an issue that poses an immediate danger to the public please contact StreetScene:
Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm - 0151 606 2004
Outside of these hours - 0151 647 7810

Out of hours

Out of hours
You can also contact Wirral Community Patrol 24 hours a day to request attendance at an incident of anti-social behaviour on to 0151 666 5265. 

When to contact the police
If the anti-social behaviour puts you, your family or your property in immediate danger, you should contact Merseyside Police on 999.

If you have witnessed a crime that isn't an emergency, you can report this to Merseyside Police on social media:

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